Treasurer/ Collector

*In advance, thank you for your patience during this time as the office of the Treasurer/Collector is currently severely under-staffed, please send all tax inquires to the email address as we are diligent to respond as soon as possible. 
The Town of Townsend does not provide tax information over the phone.


Tax Information may be obtained in the following ways.

Original Bill:  Secured from the homeowner of record.

Email Request:  Request to our office at .  Information requests will be answered as soon as possible and more than 10 business days.

We do of course follow the Massachusetts Public Record Request Law, send PRR to

Contact Us - Please use ONLY ONE shared office Email accordingly as follows: - for HR related items including, not limited to Verification of Employment and, Inter-office Dept. funds Turnovers, including Banking/Deposit/Stop payment information. 

                             – for all tax information and inquiries; Real Estate/Personal Property/Excise/Refunds

The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all town funds, cash management, debt management, and financial reporting. The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring all receipts from the various Town departments, pays the bills weekly, and monitors the bank accounts. At the end of each month, the Treasurer must balance all accounts with the Town Accountant. With the advice of a Financial Adviser, the Treasurer invests surplus funds when possible, and borrows funds when needed. The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for Town employee payroll.

The Town (Tax) Collector collects all Real Estate, Excise, and Business Personal Property Tax payments, processes Municipal Lien Certificate requests, and updates approved abatements and exemptions to tax bills. The Collector's office also provides loan companies & tax services updated payment, delinquency, & Tax Title files as requested.


Tax Information

For Tax information please email .   We follow the Massachusetts Public Record Request Law.

Municipal Lien Certificates

Municipal Lien Certificates may be obtained by mail or online. The cost is Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for each parcel.  If using a service such as FEDEX or UPS use the physical address. See Municipal Lien Certificate Requests link.

Mortgage Provider or Service Company

see payments link for payment mailing address, instructions, and online links.

Real Estate Tax Bills for the Town of Townsend, Massachusetts are DUE Quarterly and MAILED Semi-annually.

Preliminary bills are mailed on or before July 1st and due in two installments, August 1st and November 1st. If not timely paid interest accrues starting 2/2 & 11/2 respectfully.

Actual Bills are mailed on or before January 1st and due in two installments, (provided the tax rate is set) February 1 and May 1st.  If not timely paid, interest accrues starting 2/2 & 5/2 respectfully.

Tax bills will be sent to the owner of record as presented to the Tax Collector on the Tax Commitment from the Board of Assessors.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Rebecca Hersey Asst. Treasurer/ Collector 978-597-1702
Anthony Miccalizzi Department Assistant 978-597-1702