Tax Abatements & Exemptions

All Applications are filed with the Assessors' Office

A full interior and exterior inspection is required to be performed by the Assessors for all abatements. If you deny entry by the Assessor then your application will be denied.

Real Estate / Property Tax Abatement (abatement applications are due Feb 1)

If you disagree with the valuation of your property, you may file for a Property Tax Abatement. The Principal Assessor will visit your property to verify your conditions.

Motor Vehicle or Trailer Excise Tax Abatement

If you disagree with the valuation of your Motor Vehicle or Trailer, or you no longer own the vehicle, you may file for an Excise Tax Abatement. For excise abatements, the assessors need a copy of the return plate receipt from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, or if you've transferred plates to a new vehicle, the assessors need the new registration showing the plate is on another vehicle. If you've lost the plate and therefore cannot return it, we require a Lost Plate Affidavit. Click here for more information, including how the excise tax amount is calculated.
Tax Exemption for Veterans, Blind Persons, and surviving Spouse or Minors

You may qualify for a tax exemption
Tax Credit for Seniors ("Circuit Breaker Tax Credit")

Seniors may also qualify for an Elderly (over 65) Tax Deferral, or for the "Circuit Breaker " Tax Credit.
The "Circuit Breaker" Tax Credit allows Homeowners and Renters who are age 65 before January 1, 2002, to claim a Tax Credit for a part of their Real Estate Taxes paid, on their Massachusetts Income Tax Return. For more information on conditions and limitations, contact the Council on Aging or consult your tax professional. This credit is claimed on your State Income Tax Return.

Senior Tax Work-off Program

Seniors may also qualify for the Tax Work-Off Program. Qualifying Seniors may work off up to $500 of their Property Taxes by working at the Town Hall in a variety of clerical positions. For more information on conditions and limitations, please contact the Assessors' office. Click here for application.
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement

To receive abatement of motor vehicle excise tax from the Assessors office, please bring, mail or fax

  • Return plate receipt
  • Lost plate affidavit or
  • Registration, showing that a plate has been transferred to a new vehicle.
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