Treasurer / Collector

The Treasurer/Collector’s Office will be closed Monday June 3, 2024 through Wednesday June 5, 2024 due to required attendance at training classes.  Any payments may be mailed, dropped off in the locked boxes located near the parking lot entrance, or in some case, depending on due dates, made online.

Treasure/Tax Collector Office Information

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday  9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Tuesday evenings until 6:00 pm

Contact Info:
Phone:        (978) 597-1702
Fax:            (978) 277-6368

272 Main Street
Townsend, MA 01469-1519
See map: Google Maps

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Mission Statement:  To uphold the legal requirements mandated by Massachusetts State Laws and Town Bylaws and safeguard the treasury of the Town of Townsend, while providing the highest level of service possible to our residents.

Department Description:  The Treasurer and Tax Collector Office serves as custodian for all Town monies as well as Cash Management, Debt Management, and Investment Management.  This includes Billing/Collection of Town Revenues, Disbursement of Town Expenses, Tax Delinquencies/Tax Title Processing, and Payroll & Employee Benefit Administration.

The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all town funds, cash management, debt management, and financial reporting. The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring all receipts from the various Town departments, pays the invoices weekly, and monitors the bank accounts. At the end of each month, the Treasurer must balance all accounts with the Town Accountant. With the advice of a Financial Adviser, the Treasurer invests surplus funds when possible, and borrows funds when needed. The Treasurer's Office is also responsible for Town employee payroll.

The Tax Collector is responsible for managing and directing tax collection procedures, including Real Estate, Personal Property, Motor Vehicle Excise, Betterment, Title V, and Water Liens.  This position uses best practices, is a member of Massachusetts Collectors Treasurers Association (MCTA), and adheres to maintenance of Licensure.


Staff Contacts

Treasurer/Collector                         Melissa Ann Dunnet

Assistant Treasurer/Collector          Rebecca Hersey   

Department Assistant                      Anthony Micalizzi

Mortgage Provider or Service Company

See payment link for payment mailing address, instructions, and online links.

Real Estate Tax Bills for the Town of Townsend, Massachusetts are DUE Quarterly and MAILED Semi-annually.

Preliminary Bills are mailed on or before July 1st and due in two installments, August 1st and November 1st. If not timely paid, interest accrues starting 2/2 & 11/2.

Actual Bills are mailed on or before January 1st and due in two installments, (provided the tax rate is set) February 1 and May 1st.  If not timely paid, interest accrues starting 2/2 & 5/2.

Tax bills will be sent to the owner of record as presented to the Tax Collector on the Tax Commitment from the Board of Assessors.


Municipal Lien Certificates (MLCs):  MLCs may be obtained by mail or online. The cost is Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for each parcel.  If using a service such as FEDEX or UPS use the physical address. See Municipal Lien Certificate Requests link.



Frequently Asked Questions
What if my payment check or on-line payment is returned?
If your payment is returned, you will be responsible for a $25.00 fee in addition to the amount of the payment that is returned, plus any accrued interest/fees.