Selectmen's Policies

ADA Grievance Policy

ARPA Funds Allocation-Reallocation Policy

ARPA Funds Expenditure Policy

ARPA Sub-Recipient Funding Policy

Alcoholic Beverages Policy

Ambulance Hardship Policy

Animals in Municipal Buildings 

Assignment of Vehicle Policy

Audit Committee 

Board of Selectmen Operating Policies

Budget Policy

Capital Asset Inventory Control Policy

Capital Asset Reporting Policy

Code of Conduct Policy 

Constable Policy

CORI Policy 

Dangerous Weapons in Municipal Buildings 

Disposition of Surplus Property

Email Communications Policy 

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy 

Goods & Services Contracts 

HIPAA Security Policy

HIPAA Privacy Policy

Liaison Policy

Media Relations Policy

Meeting Decorum and Order for all Boards, Commissions, Authorities, and Committees 

Outdoor Sales Policy

Personnel Policies 

Petty Cash Policy

Public Comment Policy 

Public Records Policy and Guidelines for making requests 

Reclassification of Positions 

Recycled Product Procurement Policy

Remote Participation Policy

Requirement for Countersignature Policy

Safety Belt Policy

Safety Policy

Sick Leave Donation Policy

Sign Board Usage Policy 

Social Media Policy 

Technology Use Policy 

Temporary Signs & Sandwich Boards Policy 

Townsend Emergency Assistance Funds Policy

Townsend First Policy

Use of Credit Cards Policy 

Use of Legal Counsel Policy 

Vehicle Use Policy