Online Payments

Tax Collector/ Treasurer

Only Excise bills that are at a first initial billing stage are available for payment on this site through the *UniPay System,
If the bill has progressed to the Warrant stage, you will need to make payment through the
Deputy Collector's online payment portal/website at  

You may pay your Real Estate Taxes, Excise Taxes, & Personal Property Taxes due on-line through a secure tax payment service of UniBank, there is no pay by phone option.

  • When you follow the link to the Townsend/UniPayGold to pay your tax a new browser window will open
  • It is important to click on the type of payment and use the correct Fiscal Year when making your payment.
  • The year shown on your bill is the Fiscal year.
  • The actual calendar year and the fiscal years are not necessarily the same.
  • Interest will not be waived if the online payment/Unibank website is inoperable for any reason.
  • Online payments through the Townsend website are restricted to; Current Real Estate or Personal Property Tax Invoice balances.  For Excise Tax Warrants, Final Notices, & "Marked" Registrations, please see below.
  • Past due Real Estate or Personal Property Tax payments can be made by mail or in person directly to the Tax Collector's office, or in Payment Drop Box.  Call for payoff figure through a specific date as interest accrues daily.
  • If you have any past due balances, then the payment made today could be applied first to past due interest and charges, then principal, in accordance with Massachusetts General Law.
  • Effective 5/01/22 Late/Demand Fee $30.00 
For Excise Tax Warrants, Final Notices, or "Marked" Registrations - The Tax Collector's office is utilizing the services of Kelley and Ryan Associates, Inc. as our Deputy Collector.

  • To make online payments through the Deputy Collector click here.
  • For the convenience of our Townsend residents, we now accept payment for excise tax warrants at the Tax Collector's office at Town Hall, or you may pay Kelly and Ryan online, or at any of their offices, located in the Leominster RMV, and offices in Leominster, Lowell, Beverly, Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Springfield or Hopedale.  
  • For assistance or directions to these offices, you may call Deputy Collector's Office, Kelly and Ryan Associates at 508-473-9660 or go to their website.
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