Timberlee Park Area Brown Water - Letter From The Water Department

Yesterday, the Townsend Water Department successfully added our new Main Street well to the water distribution system. We appreciate everybody’s patience as we try to optimize the current system. As many of you are aware, the loss of Harbor Trace well has put a strain on our system. We lost approximately half the towns water supply with that shut down. With the new addition to our upgraded Main St well, it will give us the opportunity to do some much needed flushing to the Timberlee Park area.

 In the next two to three weeks, we will be gradually increasing Main Street well to produce more water. We are hoping to gain an additional 200 or more gallons per minute. The gradual process is designed to help with a smooth transition and limit the amount discoloration on the west side of town. For those in the Timberlee Park area, our choices were to either keep Harbor Trace pumping, knowing it was unsafe or run Witches Brook substantially more.

 Although the water is unappetizing and aesthetically unpleasing at times, it is safe! We have been testing monthly and all tests have come back good. The brown discoloration in the water is a natural mineral called manganese. As we begin to limit Witches Brook well pumps and run as we have in the past, we will begin resolving this issue.

Please know that our staff has been working extremely hard and we do not like this situation either.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.

Kevin Keefe,

Distribution Foreman